One of BreakFEST's main supporters and teammates in helping spread the message and word out about BreakFEST is Franklin's locally based screen printing and design company TWINE! If you have seen posters around Nashville then you have seen just a piece of how they keep contributing! We are excited to announce their next contribution. The first 300 people that walk through the festival doors will also receive this awesome custom BreakFEST / Twine Tote bag! This tote will be filled with other little goodies that we will continue to announce as the show gets closer!

tote front-07.jpg
tote back-07.jpg

A Little More on TWINE!

Community. A simple word that defines how we do business. At Twine, we value the relationships we have grown in Franklin. Our goal is to embed ourselves in the fabric of the community. To create art, provide jobs, and give back to Franklin. Wearing our shirts or ordering custom prints from Twine is more than a transaction, it is an invitation to join a community who truly care about the people they serve. People who will take the time to walk clients, big or small, through the process. People who believe that a clients success is as important as their own. People who simply love a well done logo. 

Check Out TWINE.